The small fort was built on the hill that is formed south of the Vathiako settlement during the years of the Turkish occupation to protect the village that was inhabited exclusively by Turks and was the Turkish center of the area, and also to control the Amari-Messara road from Apodoulou-Agia Paraskevi to Kokkinos Pyrgos. It is a solid, simple building with a rectangular plan and a North-South direction. The koules is divided into two large rooms, the northern one measuring 5×7 meters and the largest southern one measuring 5×10 meters. The koules is preserved today in a semi-ruined state, as the roof and the eastern wall have collapsed, but the battlements of the koules can still be seen on the preserved walls.
You can reach the monument either by following a short dirt road that starts from Vathiako or by following the provincial road Vathiako-Tympaki. It is located in an amazing location with a panoramic view that reaches the southern Cretan Sea.

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