Wild mountains and rugged mountainsides, and idyllic landscapes, dominated by greenery and the water element, constitute the beautiful and rich nature of Amari. Psiloritis dominates imposingly in the east, with its stony geological relief that forms steep grooves, sharp relief, and caves, while in the lower parts with forests with privets. Mount Kedros surrounds the valley to the west, on which the protected plateau of Youssos Kampos is located. In the heart of the green valley, rivers flow, which in their path create gorges of unique natural beauty with small streams and waterfalls.

Coming to Amari, it is worth visiting the Platy Potamos, the largest river of Crete, with the raging vegetation on its banks, the Patsos gorge with the river and its small waterfalls, as well as the wetland of the Potamon dam. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to see the centuries-old olive trees in the grove of Monastiraki and Genna.

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