Holy Church of Panagia (Agia Paraskevi)

Holy Church of Panagia (Agia Paraskevi)

The single-room, vaulted church is located in the center of the settlement. The church, according to the founding inscription, was built in 1516 at the expense of Georgios Varouhas, by the Byzantine family of the same name. In the particularly important fresco ensemble of the Church, which exudes a strong classicism, basic elements of the Cretan School, in terms of iconography and technique, have been crystallized. These are directly related to the developments in the field of Post-Byzantine painting, as they would be expressed in the following years in the frescoes of the great Cretan painter Theofanis Sterlitza-Bathas, in the small Catholicon of the Monastery of Agios Nikolaos Anapausas of Meteora.

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