Holy Church of Panagia Throniotissa (Throne)

Holy Church of Panagia Throniotissa (Throne)

The name of the later settlement Thronos, in the same location as the ancient city of Syvritos, is considered to be connected to the seat of the diocese of the same name that is attested in the sources of the first Christian centuries. A partial excavation further illuminated the existence of the remains of an early Christian basilica mentioned by Gerola and other researchers, in the center of the settlement, in 1983. A simple, three-aisled, wooden roof with a narthex measuring 20.90 x 12.60 m was then revealed. The basilica is divided into three high, built pillars and ends in a large arch. The eastern part of the central aisle has been occupied since the 14th century by the small, single-aisled church of Panagia Throniotissa which has been built on the remains of the arch of the sanctuary.

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