Potamon Dam (River Dam)

Potamon Dam (River Dam)

The conditions for an even greater attraction and presence of birdlife in the area of the Municipality of Amari were created after the completion of the River Dam. The Dam is located in a wonderful location, in a green valley, and was created to meet the increased water needs for the irrigation of the wider area of the city of Rethymnon.

The recent construction of the dam in a position north of Voliones and the gorge of Patsos resulted in a drastic transformation of the landscape since the small closed valley of the Rivers now hosts a lake that already functions as an artificial wetland. This is interesting as it forms a new area of attraction for leisure and tourism activities. From a biological point of view, it already seems to host a significant population of wintering birds, even with a significant presence of threatened species such as the Water Duck, while at the same time, the reservoir saves a significant amount of water.

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