Climb Mount Psiloritis from Fourfouras

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The route at a glance

Route suitable for: Mountain hiking.

Route type: dirt roads and footpaths.

Degree of difficulty: Moderate + (for the level of experienced hikers)

Start: Fourfouras village (at the Police station).

End: Timios Stavros (Psiloritis peak), where the stone church of the same name is located.

Stages: The hiking is developed in two stages. A first on dirt roads and paths from Fourfouras to the shelter at Tumbotos Prinos, and a second from Tumbotos Prinos to the summit, on a path

Special features: Rough terrain along the entire length of the trail from point 12 to the summit, very strong winds at the summit (especially when blowing from the south in autumn and early spring, heavy snow cover above 1500m during the winter months, with frequent ice around the ridge between Agathia and Timios Stavros peaks.

Marking: Very good marking (E4 signs in yellow – black) of the path from point 12 to the top.

Drinking water point on the route: Although some springs appear in some parts of the route to Toumbotos Prinos, they are of no importance as they dry up in the summer. For this reason, get water from Fourfouras. In case of great need, water can be obtained from the cistern located in the NW part of the peak (just behind the chapel of Timios Stavros). But be careful! For the safety of your health, the amount of water you will put in your bottle should be disinfected with a suitable disinfectant.

Realization: Any time of the year.

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Spring – Summer – Autumn: Hiking or Trekking shoes, short pants, walking stick, hat, sunglasses, water (2-3 liters).

Winter: Winter hiking shoes, gaiters, crampons, piolet, winter clothing, raincoat, water (1½ liter water bottle).

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The route in numbers

Stage Α. Fourfouras – Toumbotos Prinos

Route length: 7.0 km (3.4 km on dirt roads and 3.6 km on paths).

Duration: 2h30′ – 2h45′

Minimum altitude: 537m

Highest altitude: 1528m

Total altitude gain / loss: +1064 / -38

Slope: Maximum +49,2 % / -30,2 %. Average: +18,1 % / -6,9 %


Stage B. Toumbotos Prinos – Timios Stavros

Route length: 4.1 km

Duration: 3h40′ – 3h50′

Minimum altitude: 1528m

Highest altitude: 2456m

Altitude gain / loss:  +984m / – 59m

Slope: Maximum +43,1 % / -14,3 %. Average +23,3 % / -7,3 %

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