Climb Mount Psiloritis from Vistagi

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The route at a glance

Route suitable for: Mountain hiking.

Hiking on: dirt road initially to Asfentilide location (section A) and on the rough and stony mountainside then to the top of Stolistra and Timios Stavros (section B).

Degree of difficulty: Difficult hike, mainly due to the steep slope. It is aimed at experienced hikers. Special care is required during the winter months, when it is recommended to climb with the use of ropes between climbers.

Starting point: Vistagi village.

End: Timios Stavros (Psiloritis peak), where the stone church of the same name is located.

Stages: The hiking is developed in two stages. The first one on a dirt road from from Vistagi to Asfentilide, about 300 meters after the typical house on the right (south) of the road, and a second from Asfentilide to the top of Psiloritis. The first section can also be done by a suitable 4X4 vehicle, following the dirt road that starts 1.3 km from the exit of Vistagi (Sotiras Christou church) towards Platania.

Special features: The specificity of this route lies in four main characteristics;

– the rough and stony terrain and the steep climb from Asfentilide to Stolistra,

– the complete lack of footpaths. The walk follows a free ascent adapted to the GPS recording.

– the very strong winds at the top, especially when southerly winds blow in autumn and early spring,

– and finally, the great snow cover above 1500m during the winter months, with frequent ice around the ridge between Stolistra and Timios Stavros.  Rough relief just above the shelter, very strong winds at the top (especially when blowing southerly in autumn and early spring), heavy snow cover above 1500m during the winter months, with frequent ice around the ridge between Agathia and Timios Stavros peaks.

Marking: None.

Drinking water point on the route: Nowhere. In case of great need, water can be obtained from the cistern located in the NW part of the peak (just behind the chapel of Timios Stavros). But be careful! For the safety of your health, the amount of water you will put in your bottle should be disinfected with a suitable disinfectant.

Realization: Any time of the year.

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Spring – Summer – Autumn: Hiking or Trekking shoes, short pants, walking stick, hat, sunglasses, water (2-3 liters).

Winter: Winter hiking shoes, gaiters, crampons, piolet, rope, climbing harness, winter clothing, raincoat, water (2-3 liters).

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The route in numbers

Stage Α. Dirt Road to Asfentilidé area

Route length: 8,6 km

Duration: 2h30′ – 2h45′

Minimum altitude: 474m

Highest altitude: 1370m

Total altitude gain / loss: +991 / -141

Slope: Maximum +33,1 % / -27,5%. Average: +13,2 % / -8,5 %


Stage B. Asfentilidé – Stolistra peak – Timios Stavros (Holly Cross)


Route length: 4.3 km

Duration: 3h50′ – 4h10′

Minimum altitude: 1370m

Highest altitude: 2456m

Altitude gain / loss:  +1143m / – 58m

Slope: Maximum +56,4 % / -32,8 %. Average: +26,5 % / -8,3 %

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