Gerkari – Yous Campos Plateau

A wonderful suggestion for an easy escapade in the mountainous nature of Amari, both on foot and by bike, to explore the particularly interesting plateau of “Yous o Campos”, between Soros and Kedros.

This proposal is particularly interesting at the beginning of spring (March – April) when the plateau is flooded with numerous species of wild flowers, both common and endemic. Among them stands out the endemic Doerfleri tulip, which is found in five subpopulations in the wider area of NW Amari, with the most important habitat being that of the Yous Campos plateau*.

The main part of the exploration is focused on hiking / bike riding through the plateau, following a circular route on dirt roads and paved sections.

Cyclists can add to their excursion the part of the route that starts from Gerakari, and after 5.7 km of gentle uphill, it meets the starting point of the circular route in the plateau.

Note: The Doerfleri tulip is protected by the State based on the Presidential Decree P/D 67 / 1981 (Government Gazette 23A / 30.01.2081), and the Forest Prohibition Order 1/2014 of the Rethymnon Forestry Department.

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The route at a glance

Route suitable for: Hiking and cycling (preferably using VTC trekking bikes or mountain bikes).

Hiking and cycling on: Dirt roads and asphalt.

Degree of difficulty:

           – as a hike: easy route (recommended for families with small children),

           – as a bike ride:

                        – moderate degree of difficulty regarding the uphill part of the route (Gerakari – Yous Campos),

                        – easy as for the circular section inside the plateau.

Special features: Continuous exposure to the sun.

Marking: Adequate for the cycling part of the route on the asphalt, non-existent for the walking / cycling part in the Yous Campos the plateau.

Drinking water point along the route: Spring at Agios Ioannis chapel (point 12). During the summer months it is better to stock up on water in advance. The spring water is running low.

Realization: Any time of the year.

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Spring – Summer – Autumn: Trekking shoes, short pants, walking stick, hat, sunglasses, water (1½ liter water bottle).

Winter: Trekking shoes, winter clothing, raincoat, walking stick, water (1½ liter water bottle).


Custom equipment (especially protective including helmet), with an emphasis on good quality and excellent maintenance of your bikes (brakes, discs, chain, tires).

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The route in numbers

Α) Section of cycling route from Gerakari

Starting point: Gerakari village

End of the 1st cycling section: At the junction to Agios Ioannis, at the entrance to the main plateau (southwest), where is also the starting point of the common route with the hiking section.

Length of route: 5.7 km

Cycling duration: depends on your personal performance, experience and the type of bike you have.

Minimum altitude: 659m

Maximum altitude: 847m

Total elevation gain / loss: +214m / -79m,

Slope: Maximum +17,9 % / -11,2 %. Average: +5,1% / -4,1 %


Β) Common route in Yous Camps plateau

Start / End: At the junction to Agios Ioannis, at the entrance of the main plateau (southwest), coming from Gerakari towards Spili.

Length of circular walking / cycling route: 3.9 km

Hiking duration: 1Ω00′ – 1Ω10′

Cycling duration: depends on your personal performance, experience and the type of bike you have.

Minimum altitude: 762m

Maximum altitude: 819m

Total altitude gain / loss: +97m / -97m,

Slope: Maximum +14,2 % / -7,6 %. Average: +4,0 % / -3,8 %

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