Hiking from Fourfouras village to Korakia Peak

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The route at a glance

Route suitable for: Hiking.

Hiking on: Dirt roads and trails.

Degree of difficulty: Moderate (for the level of experienced hikers).

Starting point: Fourfouras (at the Police Station)

End: Korakia peak

Special features: The climb to Korakia is one of the most beautiful options for hiking in Psiloritis. The path you will follow is very clear and safe. But for the optional visit of the Leska cave, do not overestimate your strength, and note that:

A – If the height makes you dizzy, avoid going. The path carved into the rock that leads there is narrow and exposed to a cliff of tens of meters.

B – Exploring the cave requires basic speleological equipment (helmet, flashlight, as well as a 10m rope, for the safe descent immediately after entering the cave).

  1. If you decide to go, don’t go alone and let someone else (outside the cave) know of your decision.

Marking: Adequate.

Drinking water point on the route: at the Ochra spring (3.0 km), with weak water flow during the summer months.

Realization: Any time of the year, but be careful in winter (January – February), when the snow cover is thick above 1000m altitude.

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Spring – Summer – Autumn: long pants (due to the presence of dense clumps of woody bushes), walking stick, hat, sunglasses, (1½ liter water bottle).

Winter: Winter hiking shoes, gaiters, (in case of snow cover on the mountain above 1000m), winter clothing, raincoat, walking stick, water (1½ liter water bottle).

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The route in numbers

Route length: 5,1 km

Duration: 2h15′ – 2h30′

Minimum altitude: 478m

Highest altitude: 1485m

Total altitude gain / loss: +1078m / -79m

Slope: Maximum +59,4% / -49,5%. Average: +22,6% / -10,5%

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