Hiking from Vistagi village to “Vistagiana Sopata”

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The route at a glance

Route suitable for: Hiking.

Hiking on: Trail

Degree of difficulty: Moderate (for the level of experienced hikers).

Starting point: Vistagi village.

End: At the refuge of Vistagi, in the area of “Vistagiana Sopata” or “Vistagiano aori”.

Special features: The path is quite eroded (especially in the area of “ortholiths” and where there are scree slopes), but without being dangerous.

High lights of the hike: the wonderful view towards the Asomathian plain, the imposing “ortholiths” (geological formations in the form of vertical pillars), the small caves, and the impressive “Mitato” near the shelter (stone building that serves the shepherds for the production and ripening of the cheese), built with huge boulders.

Marking: Fairly good

Drinking water point on the route: spring at 2.89 km of the route (with little flow during the summer months).

Realization: Any time of the year.

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Spring – Summer – Autumn: trousers (due to the presence of dense clumps of woody bushes), walking stick, hat, sunglasses, (1½ liter water bottle).

Winter: Winter hiking shoes, gaiters, (in case of snow cover on the mountain above 1000m), winter clothing, raincoat, walking stick, water (1½ liter water bottle).

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The route in numbers

Route length: 6,4 km

Duration: 2h30′ – 2h45′

Minimum altitude: 490m

Highest altitude: 1120m

Total altitude gain / loss: +773m / -145m

Slope: Maximum +61,5 % / -46,4 %. Average +16,0 % / -9,0 %

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