Hiking in the gorge of Kato Platy Potamos

Preliminary remark: Given that the exact recording of a route inside a canyon with GPS is extremely difficult (due to the impossibility of continuous communication of the GPS device with the satellites), the presentation of the route on the map is given empirically and approximately. This way you will know as much as possible how to move on the route following the route chart. Don’t forget that depending on the time of year the height of the water significantly changes your path between the rocks.

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The route at a glance

Route suitable for: Hiking which, however, at many points of the route turns into a typical river hike.

Hiking on: Dirt roads, footpaths and on the rocky river bed. In many places walking through the water, as well as climbing on low rocks is unavoidable.

Degree of difficulty: Difficult hike (for the level of experienced hikers), which requires a lot of attention in narrow and rocky passages, which in some places are very slippery.

Start – End: Manoura Bridge.

Special features: Good physical condition, lack of fear of heights, and climbing ability are required. Therefore, the Kato gorge of Platis Potamos is exclusively for adventure lovers. Its crossing is difficult, requiring walking through the water* (an activity known as a river hike), constant climbing on small and large rocks, while if one attempts the crossing to the bridge west of Agia Paraskevi, then a rope and rock-climbing gear will be needed at the last narrowing. Therefore, experience and knowledge of canyoning techniques in this case are the primary resources.

In the proposed description the route is circular, taking you out of the gorge, just before the steep and dangerous discontinuity of the bed, in its last section.

Note: The intense eutrophication observed in the river indicates that the water quality is unsuitable for swimming or even walking in it for people with allergies.

The route is exclusively for experienced hikers. If you decide to do it, don’t overestimate your strengths and go alone. Take at least one second person with you, equally experienced and in good physical condition. Please note that there is no mobile phone signal throughout the route.

Marking: Almost non-existent. Only in two places are traces of old markings visible, but this does not help at all.

Drinking water point on the route: Nowhere on the route. Take water with you in advance.

Realization: Spring, summer and autumn. Avoid hike the gorge during the winter months when the volumes of water flowing through the canyon are huge.

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Spring – Summer – Autumn: Trekking shoes (or shoes suitable for walking in water), helmet, shorts, water (1½ liter water bottle). Plan for a second change of clothes and shoes until mid-August, when walking through water is unavoidable.

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The route in numbers

Route length: 6,7 km

Duration: 2h45′ – 3h00′

Minimum altitude: 112m

Highest altitude: 265m

Total altitude gain / loss: +375m / – 374m

Slope: Maximum +34,4 % / -32,6 %. Average: +10,3 % / -9,6 %

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