It is one of the most populous villages of Amari. It extends to the western foothills of Psiloritis at an altitude of 460 meters and is the historical seat of the Municipality. It is built on a steep position that makes it look like a fortress, which is why it got the name Fourfouras. The first known mention of the village appears in a document of the 16th century, confirming the existence of the settlement during the Venetian period. Fourfouras is today a developed modern settlement that lacks nothing. Municipal Services, a Municipal Stadium, School units, a doctor’s office, a Police Department, various shops, cafes, taverns, and accommodation can also be found here.

In the center of the village, you will find an elegant square with a large plane tree in the middle. The western part of the village, where the heart of Fourfouras used to beat, is the most picturesque part of the settlement. The parish church of Agios Georgios, built at the end of the 19th century, the lower spring of the village, and several old houses that impress with their simple architecture and spare beauty can be found in a location with a stunning view towards Psiloritis and the valley of Amari. Coming to Fourfouras, it is worth exploring the area around the village, enjoying the beautiful nature, and discovering the old chapels hidden in the greenery.

For hiking lovers, there is the Fourfouras natural park in the western foothills of Psiloritis, at a distance of less than 1 km north of the village, which is a beautifully landscaped area where you will find paths and a kiosk for resting and observing the wonderful nature. The climbing path to Psiloritis starts from the natural park, crossing the locations of “Mathiou Charakas”-“Pigi Ochra”-Prinodasos Helidone”-“Korakia”. You can also cross the E4 path, starting from the eastern side of the village, which also leads you to the top of Psiloritis.

It is also worth mentioning that, in recent years, the village has become particularly well-known throughout Greece thanks to the School of Nature and Colors. This is the public primary school of the village which became known all over Greece for its innovative educational approaches and actions.

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