The village, built at an altitude of 690 m. near the settlements of Elenes and Gerakari, is located in a location with a panoramic view of Mount Kentros and the valley of Amari. The inhabitants who live here are mainly engaged in animal husbandry and agriculture. Mesonisia has been inhabited since the Venetian period and the oldest mention of the settlement can be found in a document from the 16th century. The small houses and narrow streets, the courtyards and balconies drowned in flowers, the traditional cafes and the small churches make up the image of the village today. Here, we come across a small Venetian-period church dedicated to Saint Anthony with elaborate sculptural decoration on the doors and windows. Just outside the village, there are two archaeological sites that can be visited, the ruins of a prehistoric settlement of the Minoan period at the Agios Onufrios location, a short distance from the settlement where there was a corroplatheum of the nearest city (probably of the cities of Sivritia and Vini (Veni). This justifies the multitude of mutilated and intact clay figurines of animals and persons found in the area as well as the prehistoric cave of Kalogerospilios. A little north of the Kalogerospilios cave and at the Kokkinos Detis location there is a cave with stalactites inside. The village celebrates every year on January 17, the feast of Saint Anthony.



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