Kalogeros or Kalogerou

Kalogeros or Kalogerou

Kalogerou, built amphitheatrically on the northwestern slopes of the Amari valley, at an altitude of 480 meters opposite the Thronos settlement, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages of Amari. It isn’t known when it was founded exactly, however, the first mention of the settlement in historical sources goes back to the years of the Venetian occupation (1577).

The village is today a jewel of the Prefecture of Rethymnon and it has been recognized as a traditional settlement, as it largely preserves its traditional architecture. Its narrow streets, the old, stone-built houses with their austere architecture, and the ornate shutters at the entrances take the visitor to the Crete of previous centuries.

Also, a short distance from the village, there are remarkable late Byzantine temples that someone could visit. The church of Agia Marina, west of the settlement, is one of the oldest ones and based on an inscription preserved in the mural decoration, dates back to 1300. In addition, in Spilios location, there is the frescoed church of Agios Ioannis the Theologian, which, according to an inscription, was built in 1347.

The village celebrates every year on January 18, the feast day of Saint Athanasios and Cyril, who were Patriarchs of Alexandria.



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